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Common Questions regarding Auto glass replacement and Repair:

Q: How long does it take to replace a windshield?

A: For a windshield replacement we need the vehicle for 4-5 hours.  For a repair we need it for about an hour.  For other types of replacements, it will depend on the vehicle and glass type.

Q: What if I have a deductible?

A: You will pay us the deductible and we will bill the insurance company the rest.

Q: Can I wash my after the windshield is changed?

A: We advise not to go through a car was for 24 hours after a replacement.  However, you may wash it by hand.

Q: What are the guarantees?

A: Windshield replacements are guaranteed not to leak.  Stonechip repairs are guaranteed to not crack out for as long as you own the vehicle.  If it does, we will take the price of the repair off the cost of the replacement.  There is no guarantee on replacements if there is extensive rust or body damage around the windshield area.

Q: Will you come to my home or work?

A: At this time our vehicle work is done in-shop only.

Q: Can I get plexiglass for my truck back window?

A: We will not put Plexiglas in truck backglass for safety reasons.  We will put it in horse trailors for truck caps though.  


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